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Money Transactions

  • Cash Pickup at Recipient Destination
  • Receive or Send Money
  • Transfers are instant and direct in the local currency
  • Send or Receive Money via your unique eWallet using QR Code
  • Instant money transfer via the real time eWallet Messenger

To Send or Receive Money In 3 Easy Steps

Country & Amount

1. Choose The Country of destination and enter the amount you want to send (our fee will be displayed)


2. Enter Recipient Details and the mode of receiving the funds (the live direct exchange rate will be displayed) i.e. eWallet account or Cash pickup


3. Confirm & Send click confirm and send

Personal Smart eWallet Messenger Account

Smart Business eWallet Messenger Account


Stay connected, enjoy peace of mind

Download our free financial services app and simplify your banking. Discover quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your money account, on your mobile phone.

  • Cash-CrossBorders is a low-cost, hassle-free, customer-centric and highly-secure smart hub fintech ecosystem. 
  • We aim to provide smart fintech products and sophisticated services across the globe.
  • We focus on your unique requirements and specific needs with our pro-active approach to make sure our products and services are relevant and well suited.
  • We do things better and faster, with innovation and agile approach. We create and develop bespoke fintech services that drive new digital financial customer experiences.